Brian Morrison: The Evolving Railway 1951-1976 (Crecy)

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This volume is a celebration of the photographic work of Brian Morrison, one of Britain’s finest railway photographers, whose material has regularly been used in print since 1951. The Evolving Railway 1951-1976 contains some of Brian’s finest black & white images taken during the first 25 years of his photographic career.

Rather than follow a themed topic, Brian has allowed himself a free rein and has selected favourite images from his vast collection, telling the stories behind many of them. The photos chosen feature both steam and other motive power as well as trains, locations and infrastructure which have since been consigned to memory.

The Evolving Railway 1951-1976 has been produced in a square format to best illustrate Brian’s photography. Over 200 images are presented in one-per-page format, with caption detail and, in many cases, personal anecdotes relating to the photograph.

In a personal introduction, Brian describes some of his early life and how he became interested in railways and railway photography. An index to locations illustrated and featured motive power is also included. 224 pages. Hardback.

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