Today's Railways UK 12-issue Subscription

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Take out or renew a 12-issue subscription to Today's Railways UK - the UK railway magazine from Platform 5 Publishing.

Existing subscribers can renew their subscriptions by purchasing a subscription online here. Renewals will commence after the last issue of your current subscription.

Every issue contains all the latest news from all over Great Britain plus unrivalled coverage of UK rolling stock news. Every issue includes the following:

  • All the Latest News from Great Britain and Ireland
  • Unrivalled coverage of Rolling Stock matters
  • Comprehensive Light Rail News
  • Useful travel information in our 'Just the Ticket' feature
  • Interesting Articles covering a range of topics
  • Heritage and Preservation News
  • Railtours Diary
  • Official Platform 5 Stock Change information
  • An alternative view from our `Grumpy Old Man'!
  • Readers' Letters

By taking out a subscription to Today's Railways UK you will receive every copy delivered directly to your door and save over £20 compared to the shop price. You will receive every issue hot off the presses and be eligible for exclusive reduced prices on selected items from the Platform 5 Mail Order Department.

Today's Railways UK is usually published on the second Monday of every month.

Special Note: New subscriptions will automatically commence with Issue 245 (July 2022). Alternatively, you can begin your subscription with issue 244 June 2022), by notifying our Subscription Department

Please Note: The subscription price for delivery to addresses in Europe is £63.60 and in the rest of the world £69.60. The additional amount will be added as postage at the checkout.

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