The Mercedes-Benz MIDIbus (Pen & Sword)

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The Mercedes-Benz midibus may have been small, but it had a huge impact, becoming well respected by fleet engineers, and serving its purpose very satisfactorily. In The Mercedes-Benz MIDIbus the author, Allan Macfarlane, documents in detail this important aspect of British bus provision, covering the wide variety of specifications developed which made it so adaptable.

This story is not just about a successful vehicle, it also focuses on several small coachbuilding businesses that rose to the forefront of the British manufacturing industry, through the work of their designers, craftsmen and salesmen. The diversity that the Mercedes-Benz midibus offered was quite remarkable!

The author also explains the numbering system which, in 2004, FirstBus implemented across its entire fleet. He finishes with a brief look at scale models of Mercedes-Benz midibuses.

6 colour illustrations and 220 colour photographs. Hardback. 176 Pages.

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