Britain's Last Municipal Operators (Ian Allan)

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At the start of the 1960s there were approaching 100 municipal operators in the UK; these ranged from Belfast in Northern Ireland to Aberdeen in the north of Scotland and from Exeter and Plymouth in the southwest to Maidstone in the southeast. By the mid-1970s, as a result of the creation of the PTEs (which saw the demise of municipal operators in the country's major conurbations) and the demise of a small number that were taken over by local NBC operators - most notably Luton and Exeter - the number of municipally owned operators had declined to just over 40. Following privatisation and deregulation, the number of council-owned operators has declined to less than a dozen - ranging from the 600-strong Lothian Buses to barely 60 operated in Widnes by Halton Transport.

This book is a narrative history of the 40+ municipal operators that survived the creation of the final PTEs in 1974/75. Hardback. 112 pages.

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