Cardiff's Municipal Buses (Bernard McCall)

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In this book, author Andrew Wiltshire tells the story of Cardiff's municipal bus operator and fleet from the earliest horse drawn buses of the 1840s through to the present day.

This book takes a chronological look at the types of vehicle operated by Cardiff's municipal operator and its successor right up to the present day. Covers buses and trolleybus vehicles operated on routes around the city over the last 180 years.

The book is divided into chapters, each covering a period of Cardiff's history:

  • A Transport System for Cardiff
  • Oil Engines and the Second World War
  • The Austerity Years and the End of the Trams
  • Further Fleet Renewal and new-look Fronts
  • Trolleybus Replacement, Rear Engines and One-Man Operation
  • The Colourful Seventies
  • Competition, Deregulation and Small Buses
  • The Return of the Big Bus
  • Easy Access Buses, Standardisation and Another New Image
  • Even Bigger Buses and Stronger Branding
  • Some other Aspects of the Undertaking
  • Preservation

Cardiff's Municipal Buses examines the ever-changing bus fleet of Cardiff's municipal bus operator from the 1840s through to the 21st century. Well-illustrated with colour and archive black & white photographs. Hardback. 240 pages.

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