Nottingham Buses in the 1990s (Amberley)

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During the mid-1990s Nottingham’s scene was dominated by Nottingham City Transport and the Wellglade group that included Trent buses and Barton buses.

Notable independents had been purchased by Wellglade and Nottingham City Transport respectively, with evidence of their existence still very much on the road. Other players included Kinch, Nottingham Omnibus and Delta bus, who tried to make a mark on the scene but were eventually swept away.

By the end of decade low-floor buses would start to become the new normal and new operating practices began to change. This nostalgic look back at buses in Nottingham in the 1990s presents a picture of an interesting and varied bus scene.

Photographs are presented in two-per-page format with captions accompanying each. An introduction to bus services in Nottingham during the 1990s is also included. 96 pages.

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