Scottish Railway Atlas Then and Now (Crecy)

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A new unique and distinctive atlas of Scotland’s railways. The main focus of the atlas is a set of 20 pairs of maps, presented on facing pages, showing the layout of 1920 to the left and the corresponding 2021 network on the right-hand page. This layout graphically illustrates how the rail system has changed over the course of 100 years and allows comparison between these two eras to be easily made.

However, there is much more to this atlas than just the maps. A detailed index to stations is included, with photographs of all those that are still in use. For closed stations, each entry gives their OS Location, a description of the current status of the site, and a small map of the station layout at the time when still in use. All stations in the Index have a chronology referring to the date of opening, closure dates for those no longer in use and any changes to their names that have taken place.

Scottish Railway Atlas Then and Now also contains a list of all British Railways Scottish Region Steam Motive Power Depots with closure dates, OS grid references and current site use information. Other sections look at heritage railways in Scotland with a basic overview provided for each. Major railway walks along the trackbeds of former railway routes are listed and a brief review of signal boxes and major infrastructure such as the Forth and Tay bridges is also included.

The networks of the Glasgow Subway and Edinburgh Trams are covered in separate sections and modern inset maps are provided for the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas. A useful reference work for Scotland’s railways, their history and heritage. 144 pages. Hardback.

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