TRACKatlas of Mainland Britain 3rd Edition

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The third edition of Britain’s most detailed railway atlas, showing the entire national railway network with track level detail. As well as being completely revised and updated TRACKatlas of Mainland Britain 3rd Edition has been further enhanced by the inclusion of nine major light rail & metro systems, and a further seven heritage railways; all major standard gauge heritage lines over 3 miles in length are now included, together with several narrow gauge lines.

Other enhancements include new lines (the Borders Railway and Crossrail), new stations (too many to list here), re-modelling (Reading and London Bridge) and electrification (the North West and, slowly, the Great Western Main Line) as well as many other local developments including new depots and traincare facilities.

A greater number of locations now benefit from inset maps. 16 pages have been added and the total number of map pages is now 159. The index now extends to over 10,000 locations.

  • All passenger and freight routes are shown with their track formations including connections, crossovers and primary sidings.
  • All stations are shown with platform detail and with railway mileages denoted in miles and chains.
  • Most signal boxes, junctions and tunnels are shown including their names and railway mileages.
  • Most level crossings are included together with information describing their type.
  • Complex areas are shown as larger scale insets.
  • Different colours are used to denote electrification type and voltage.

Published October 2017. A4 size. Hardback. 192 pages.

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