Passengers Once More: Scotland: New and Reopened Stations and Lines from 1948 (Silver Link)

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A survey of all the new and reopened lines and stations that have been added or restored to Britain’s railway network in Scotland since nationalisation of the railways in 1948. Remarkably, this book includes details and information relating to over 100 such locations.

Every station and line is illustrated and a brief description of every station is also included. Where a line has been reinstated, such as the Borders Railway, a brief account of the successful restoration of services is included.

The book is arranged by geographical area and includes tabulated information for every location including:

  • Opening, closing and reopening dates
  • Map reference
  • The original railway company and the company currently managing the station
  • Comments on the frequency of the service, reasons for opening/reopening and other features as appropriate.

The book features a variety of different projects, from remote single-platform halts to major station redevelopments. A useful index to locations is also included. 128 pages.

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