Croydon: Tram to Tramlink

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First opened in 2000, Croydon became the UK’s fourth new light rail network to feature street running sections akin to a traditional tramway following the success of Manchester, Sheffield and Birmingham. It was also the first on-street tramway to operate in Greater London since the closure of the capital’s last remaining first generation tram routes 48 years earlier in 1952.

Croydon: Tram to Tramlink tells the story of Croydon’s new light rail network. It starts with a look at the area’s original tramways and trolleybus routes along with surviving examples of first generation London trams and trolleybuses, followed by the Tramlink project from planning and design to completion and operation. It describes the tram fleet, the depot, control centre and how the network operates, concluding with a look at the various extensions that have been proposed over the years and the potential for future developments.

Croydon: Tram to Tramlink is the fourth volume in the Platform 5 series looking at UK tram and light rail networks. It includes informative text and high quality colour photography throughout, plus maps and tabulated data. 96 pages.

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