Nottingham: Tramway to Express Transit

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The complete story of Nottingham’s modern tramway network. Nottingham: Tramway to Express Transit begins with a look at the city’s original tramway and trolleybus system, including a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of trolleybuses compared to trams and giving details of surviving examples of original Nottingham trams and trolleybuses.

This is followed by an examination of the Nottingham Express Transit project from planning and design to construction and operation. It describes the tram fleet, the depot, control centre and how the network operates, concluding with a look at potential future developments.

Some original documentation and publicity material is used along with a wide selection of previously unpublished photos illustrating construction, opening of the system and daily operations. Behind-the-scenes views of the depot and control centre are also included.

First opened in 2004, Nottingham became the UK’s fifth new light rail network to feature street running sections akin to a traditional tramway. It marked the return of trams to the streets of Nottingham 68 years after closure of the city’s original tramway in 1936 and 38 years after the abandonment of the trolleybus network. The opening of the Phase 2 network, 11 years later, saw Nottingham Express Transit consolidate its position as an invaluable part of the city’s public transport system.

The book is divided into the following chapters:

  • Nottingham’s First Trams: 61 Years of Service
  • Tramway Revival
  • Nottingham Express Transit: Route by Route
  • The NET Tram Fleet
  • The Depot and Infrastructure
  • Services and Ticketing
  • Where Next for NET?

Compiled by Alan Yearsley and Robert Pritchard, Nottingham: Tramway to Express Transit is the third volume in the Platform 5 series looking at UK tram and light rail networks. It includes informative text and high quality colour photography throughout, plus maps and tabulated data. 96 pages. Cover Price £19.95.

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