3 Book Bargain Bundle: Nottingham-Tramway to Express Transit + Manchester's Metrolink + Sheffield- From Tram to Tram-Train

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A set of three Platform 5 books looking at specific modern light rail networks in UK cities, available at a great combined price. The three books are:

Nottingham: Tramway to Express Transit

The complete story of Nottingham’s modern tramway network, Nottingham Express Transit. Published cover price £19.95

Manchester's Metrolink

An illustrated history and up-to-date review of Manchester’s Metrolink light rail network. Published cover price £19.95

Sheffield: From Tram to Tram-Train

The full story of Sheffield’s pioneering light rail system. Published cover price £19.95

All three books begin with a look at the original tramway systems that operated in each city, before moving on to examine the modern light rail networks now in place.

Each book discusses the design and construction of each system and looks at the routes, trams and operating procedures. Well illustrated.

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