The Railways of East Fife (Transport Treasury)

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In The Railways of East Fife Ian Lamb has compiled an album of black & white photographs which illustrate the changes on the railways in the area throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Covering the North British Railway and later the LNER, the images were mainly taken by W A C ‘Bill’ Smith, a prolific photographer of both the trains and the infrastructure in the area during this period.

A brief history describing the development of the railways is accompanied by a map of East Fife which shows the lines of the North British Railway. The whole area, from Dysart in the south to Leuchars Junction in the north, Crail in the east and Ladybank in the west, is steeped in railway history with everything from express to local services, and goods trains of various types. Fortunately Bill Smith recorded the changes, as the pre-grouping steam engines gave way to the Standard types, and then on to the introduction of diesel locomotives and multiple units. This album is a tribute not only to his work but also to a lost transport scene now rapidly fading from memory.

117 black & bhite photographs. Hardback. 80 pages.

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