Today's Railways UK 239: January 2022

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The January 2022 issue of Today's Railways UK contains a range of interesting articles covering all aspects of Britain’s railways, plus all the very latest news from across the railway network. Our regular monthly sections take an in-depth look at light rail, heritage railways, preservation and railtours, with readers’ letters and our grumpy old man also in attendance.

Feature articles this month include:

TPA Nova Shake-Up: TransPennine Express is planning some changes to its operation of its Nova fleets during 2022. Robert Pritchard chats to Fleet Director Paul Staples to find out the latest fleet news.

Island Line Back on Track: Trains returned to the Isle of Wight from the start of November for the first time in ten months with the new Vivarail Class 484s replacing the ancient 1938 stock. Robert Pritchard reports.

Rail Showcases Green Credentials in Glasgow: The COP26 UN climate change summit was held in Glasgow during the first two weeks of November. Known chiefly as being one of the largest gatherings of world leaders with one of the aims being to nail down every country's decarbonisation goals, this was the largest event that Glasgow has hosted and Network Rail and a number of other companies in Scotland used the same two weeks to showcase what efforts the rail industry itself is making to decarbonise. Robert Pritchard reports.

Exploring the Heart of London: Although it continues to affect our daily routines, now that the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided, life is slowly returning to normality. With this, attractions have reopened and events have restarted running, though, even now, not everything is quite what it was - and understandably so! Ian Beardsley heads to the capital to find out what people can expect from the London Transport Museum's Hidden London tours now that these have restarted running after an 18-month-long hiatus.

Taking to the Skies: Drone Photography Explained: The days of using a step ladder to gain that much-needed additional height for the ultimate railway photograph now seems to be yesterday's fashion when it comes to lineside photography as Tom McAtee explains, accompanied by a selection of his stunning drone photographs.

Cross-Country NE-SW Traction: What we know as British Railway's main cross-country line, that between the North-East and South-West of England via Birmingham New Street has a long and interesting history, despite only becoming and important trunk route in the 1960s. Andy Flowers outlines the line's development and examines the changes in the traction types that have worked passenger services over it through the years.

News stories this month include:

  • HS2 Eastern Leg Scrapped in Integrated Rail Plan - full details.
  • Leaves on the Line to blame for Salisbury crash - RAIB.
  • High Winds disrupt rail network as COP26 starts.
  • Dartmoor Line to Okehampton reopens.
  • Alstom and Eversholt team up for new-build Hydrogen train order.
  • Waterside, Cullompton, Wellington big winners in third "undo Beeching" tranche.
  • Driver concerns further delay SWR Class 701 debut.
  • Crossrail "trial operations" under way.
  • Passenger operating licence for SLC Operations.
  • EMR runs reduced Sunday timetable despite strikes being called off (then back on).
  • Cracks cause four-week suspension of West Midlands Metro services.
  • Further funding for Scottish light rail systems.
  • More Class 91+Mark 4 diagrams for LNER from December.
  • Colas Class 56s on "Humber Express".
  • First Class 231 FLIRTs delivered to Wales.
  • Batteries to be fitted to TPE Class 802/2.
  • New arrivals at the Colne Valley Railway.
  • Retro repaint for Worth Valley 144.
  • Bookings off to a strong start as Intercity launches 2022 tour programme.

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