Diesel Hydraulics: A Colour Retrospective (Wild Swan)

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A collection of high quality colour photographs, illustrating the various classes of diesel hydraulic locomotive that were built for the Western Region of British Railways. Destined to have relatively short lives in service, these locomotives have become the subject of much discussion and interest since their demise and are fondly remembered by many.

Almost all of the photographs date from the 1960s and 1970s, and all are accompanied by informative captions that give an informed commentary and much information on what the diesel hydraulics were about, where they operated and the types of traffic that they handled. Many of the illustrations feature Western, Warship or Hymek locomotives at work, but other classes are also included.

Themes covered within Diesel Hydraulics: A Colour Retrospective include:

  • Main Lines West
  • People
  • Wessex
  • Milk and Parcels
  • To the Midlands and Beyond
  • Workshops, Depots and Stabling Points
  • South Devon
  • Freight
  • Southern Routes
  • Stations Large and Small
  • Beginnings and Endings in the Duchy
  • Fifty Years On
  • Epilogue

A range of different liveries can be seen, with locomotives heading passenger or freight trains, or captured at rest between duties. The illustrations are presented mainly in large one-per-page format. 128 pages. Hardback.

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