Scotland's Buses: The road to Net Zero (Richard Walter)

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In Scotland’s Buses: The Road to Net Zero author and publisher, Richard Walter, has produced an illustrated review covering the Scottish bus scene during 2021.

With bus and coach operators striving to attract passengers back after the Covid-19 pandemic, and endeavouring to meet Transport Scotland’s pledge to be at the forefront in transitioning to zero-emission transport, 2021 was a challenging year. With Glasgow hosting COP26, the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference, Scotland led the way signing five international declarations relating to the decarbonisation of transport; and has demonstrated its intentions by taking delivery of various new zero emission electric and hydrogen buses and coaches.

Richard Walter’s colourful pictorial guide displays an excellent assortment of images which cover the new bus types entering service, along with the major events and vintage gatherings which occurred throughout the year. A wide range of bus operators are illustrated showing the variety brand new, special and retro liveries in service.

336 colour photographs. Hardback. 116 pages.

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