Midlands Half-Cab Buses: The Twilight Years (Amberley)

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A visitor to one of the principal cities of the East or West Midlands during the 1970s would not have failed to notice that all the incumbent local bus operators were still running buses that still resembled types which could be seen throughout Britain between the two world wars – that is double-deck buses with the driver seated in his own cab area with an open space over the adjacent engine shroud.

Whilst the vast majority of these also had an open entrance at the rear, there were some types that the passengers could board or alight through a doored entrance at the front.

This book contains a series of colour and black & white photgraphs taken during the 1970s and early 1980s illustrating such buses in their final years in service.

Photographs are arranged in two-per-page format and each is accompanied by a caption providing information about the vehicle and its operator. 96 pages.

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