Midland Red in Retrospect: A Journey Through Time (Pen & Sword)

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At one time Midland Red was the largest bus company outside London, providing bus services throughout the Midlands. Midland Red in Retrospect: A Journey Through Time covers the period during the 1960s when the Midland Red bus company was dominant across the Midlands, operating the lion’s share of the bus services, along with the express coach services which ran from the Midlands to London and other locations.

Like London Transport, Midland Red had a very distinctive image and its own fleet of vehicles designed exclusively for its operations. The author, Bernard Warr, worked for the company during this period and his book reflects the colour and atmosphere of this much-loved and well-remembered bus operator. Sadly, the author passed away in September 2020 before publication and this book, his final work, is a tribute to him.

Chapters cover:

  • The Formative Years 1904 to 1923
  • Development of the SOS
  • The Post-War Single Deckers and Donald Sinclair
  • Development of Double Deckers
  • Further single deck developments
  • The ‘Ultimate’ Double Deckers ‘the D9 and D10’ and some takeovers
  • The C5 and the Motorway Coaches
  • The 1960s, a decade of mixed fortunes
  • The Last Rites
  • Midland Red Preserved

Detailed captions accompany the 200 colour and black & white photographs. 144 pages.

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