London's Low-Floor Buses in Exile (Amberley)

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Since the mid-1940s, London began to resell its buses after they were no longer suitable for service in the capital. Bus and coach operators both big and small would snap up these buses and use them for further service.

Perhaps the most noticeable cascade of former London Buses was of the AEC Routemaster during the 1980s, which were bought en mass by provincial operators around the country.

The continual investment of new buses in London in the early 2000s saw the displacement of many of the early low-floor buses to provincial operators. Changes to emission standards led to the withdrawal of further low-floor buses from the capital, benefiting the independent operators around the country.

London Low-Floor Buses in Exile showcases the numerous liveries and operators of former London low-floor buses around the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland between 2000 and 2021. Each photograph is accompanied by a caption, providing some history about the vehicle depicted. 96 pages.

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