London Bus Routes One by One: 1-100 (Key Publishing)

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An illustrated review of the London bus routes numbered 1 to 100, as operated in the summer of 2021. This book looks at each route in turn, including details of the operator in charge of services and a guide to the type of vehicle used on the route.

A summary of the physical extent of each route is followed by a description of the route and in most cases a brief history of how the route may have changed over the years, including changes to operator, vehicle types used and other relevant information.

A surprising variety of routes are included, from radial routes originating in the centre of the city, to long distance north-south, or east-west, cross-city services and even some that keep within the outer suburbs and avoid completely the heart of the city.

Though they seem as immutable and traditional as the city they serve, London’s bus routes are constantly changing. London Bus Routes One by One: 1–100 provides an interesting snapshot of 2021 and gives an insight into what can be seen on each route every day.

Most routes feature two colour photograhs and over 180 illustrations are included in total. 96 pages.

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