ColourScene Snapshot 5: London Country Bus Services 1977 (Venture)

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A collection of high quality colour photographs illustrating the bus fleet operated by London Country Bus Services in 1977. This year has been chosen because it was a time of great transition for the fleet.

The oldest vehicles inherited from London Transport in 1970 were rapidly being withdrawn, notably the RTs, RFs and Routemasters (RMC, RCL and RML). Many withdrawn vehicles were stored for months (in some cases, years!), so could still be found behind numerous garages, adding to the interest of 1977.

The need for economies saw a number of new vehicles delivered suitable for one-person operation. 147 new vehicles were delivered in 1977, and 10 second-hand vehicles were also acquired (the RN class). Delays in the delivery of Leyland Atlanteans led to the surprise acquisition of 15 new Bristol VRTs (BT class).

1977 was also notorious for vehicle shortages arising from the difficulty in sourcing spare parts. This in turn gave rise to vehicle hires from other operators, bringing a multitude of vehicles and colour schemes into London Country territory.

ColourScene Snapshot 5: London Country Bus Services 1977 contains over 270 colour images showing the old and the new in this unique period of time. All photographs are well captioned and an index to vehicles illustrated completes the book. 110 pages. Hardback.

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