Die Type G3 der Wiener Verkehrsbetriebe 1953-1965 (B25)

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The Type G3 tramcars were introduced to the Vienna tramway network in 1909. 49 examples were built, becoming a familiar sight on the streets of Vienna for over 50 years, before finally succumbing to more modern designs in the 1960s.

The type was a development of the earlier, very similar, Type G2 with dimensions differing in a few details: The car bodies of the Type G3 were 10 cm wider and the design of the platforms changed. Different controllers were also installed.

Although some cars were damaged during World War II, all surviving vehicles were gradually put back into service after the war. One tram was converted into a school car and a few continued to be used as work cars with the type designation GL. Two examples were subsequently preserved and a third still exists in dismantled condition.

This volume contains a selection of images of the Type from the 1950s and 1960s, that come from the collections of several renowned railway photographers of the era. The photographs are presented in full page format. Mostly in black & white but a few colour images are also included. German text. Hardback. 120 pages with 116 black and white photographs.

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