Steam in Austria 1955-1975 (Unique)

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A collection of good quality colour photographs illustrating steam locomotives at work on the Austrian railway network between 1955 and 1975. This period was one of great transition for Austria’s railways, witnessing the advance of electrification and diesel traction, which was inexorably connected to the progressive disappearance of the steam locomotive. The images take the reader back to a very different time when the steam locomotive was the mainstay of many rail services.

The first half of the book deals with the standard gauge network, beginning in Vienna and looking at each area of Austria in turn. It includes a few express passenger trains and major stations, but most of the photos illustrate secondary passenger services on rural branch lines, or freight trains of varying lengths. Many different locomotive types are illustrated.

The second half of the book looks mainly at the Austrian narrow gauge network, which at the time was extensive. Sixteen different railways are examined, many of which have a backdrop of impressive mountain scenery. Rack lines are also included.

A final short section looks at steam locomotives in industry. It focuses on five industrial lines, including some with extensive networks and some that even ran passenger services for company employees. A bibliography of further reading completes the volume.

Includes a brief introduction to the railways of Austria and separate overviews of each narrow gauge and industrial undertaking. Detailed captions accompany all the photographs, which are presented in one or two-per-page format. Hardback. 160 pages.

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