Toton Depot and Yards (Amberley)

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Toton first saw railway yards built on the site in the 1850s to support the growing need to transport coal from the collieries of the Erewash Valley and, later, the Leen Valley area to towns and industry.

Later, growth in wagonload traffic saw British Rail invest heavily in the yards, including mechanised hump shunting equipment and a modern diesel locomotive facility. However, wagonload traffic was soon to decline, and the transport of coal was revolutionised by the merry-go-round concept utilising new HAA wagons, sweeping away the numerous older vacuum-braked types.

Toton was once the heart of coal on the railway, but the decline in use of fossil fuels in the UK has decimated the coal train from the national network, with Toton yards now partly abandoned and the remainder in use mostly as a base for engineering trains and traincrew relieving point.

This book uses colour photographs to illustrate the changing scene at Toton from the last days of British Rail, through privatisation, up to the present day. Photographs are each accompanied by an informative caption and a brief history of Toton's railways is also included. 96 pages.

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