Spirit of Northern Rails (Pen & Sword)

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This book endeavours to capture the very essence of the railways in the northern UK, exploring in photographs their imprint upon the landscape.

Railways are illustrated as they traverse the bleak fells, pass by traditional cotton mills and industrial heritage, stride over iconic viaducts crossing vast windswept valleys and coastal estuaries, and as they share the grandeur of iconic cathedrals of both religious and railway station designs, whilst not forgetting the intricate network of canals intertwining with the rails that eventually carried the very traffic that kept these waterways in use.

Here is a personal selection of photographs from author David Goodyear, which provides a photographic record of the railways of northern England and Scotland.

Locomotives, train designs and liveries past and present will help recall the rails of the 1980s and 1990s and offer an interesting contrast to the more modern images of the present millennium. With a mix of traction and train fleets, both in use on passenger and freight consists, this selection of images reveals their participation in capturing the heart of railways in the north.

Photographs are presented in one-per-page format, with extensive captions accompanying each image. Hardback 224 pages.

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