Rails Around the East Midlands in the 21st Century Volume 2: Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire

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The much anticipated second part of Ian Beardsley’s journey around the railways in the East Midlands. This volume takes in several of today’s important lines, each of which has an interesting history. It includes:

  • The East Coast Main Line
  • The Doncaster-Peterborough GNR/GER Joint Line
  • The Sheffield–Lincoln Line
  • The Nottingham–Lincoln Line
  • The Poacher Line (Nottingham–Skegness)
  • The South Humberside Main Line
  • The Brigg Line
  • The Market Rasen Line
  • The Barton Line

A colourful and insightful review of the many changes that have taken place on these lines, including operators and infrastructure, over the last couple of decades. 96 pages.

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