Great Northern Outpost Volume 3: Faded Glory (Willowherb)

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An excellent collection of good quality colour photographs illustrating the Bradford, Queensbury, Halifax, Thornton & Keighley lines, taken in the 1950s and 1960s.

The spectacularly engineered ‘Queensbury Lines’ network featured an abundance of tunnels, viaducts, deep cuttings, high embankments and bridges. It is perhaps the very presence of these features, and the associated maintenance they required, that led to the premature closure of the network.

Great Northern Outpost Volume 3: Faded Glory contains many rare and evocative images, most published for the first time, which feature passenger, goods and coal traffic in the final years of operations when the sad decline of a once magnificent railway undertaking was clear for all to see.

The photographs are presented in one-per-page style and in landscape format. Detailed captions accompany every photograph, providing further information about the illustrated subject and the Queensbury Lines network as a whole.

This is a book of memories, recognition and remembrance – not just for the railway network it features, but also for those who battled through hostile terrain to build it and for those who then faced the often difficult challenges of operating it. 112 pages. Hardback.

Special Note: Volumes 1 and 2 in this acclaimed series are now out of print.

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