Scotland's Railways: The Last 15 Years (Key Publishing)

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The last 15 years (2005–2020) have seen a huge amount of change to the rail network within Scotland, including the replacement of old rolling stock with new trains, an explosion of colourful liveries, the re-opening of routes, the demise of coal trains and a boom in container freight traffic.

Furthermore, electrification has changed a number of lines beyond recognition and transformed much of Scotland’s railway into a modern, efficient operation. Scotland’s Railways: The Last 15 Years is an illustrated review of the changes that have taken place throughout Scotland. It examines passenger and freight traffic, as well as looking at key infrastructure changes.

For the purpose of the book, Scotland has been divided into five separate chapters, each covering a large geographical area. Each chapter begins with a description of the important developments in that area and a collection of colour illustrations from throughout the period covered. All photographs are accompanied by explanatory captions.

Features a surprising variety of locomotive and multiple unit types and shows how new electric multiple units have ousted the diesels previously in charge, yet 40-year-old HSTs have been introduced on InterCity services between the Scottish cities. Illustrated with over 180 images, ranging from the everyday to the unusual. 96 pages.

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