Tracks of London's Trams 1949-1952 (Capital)

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Picture yourself in the London of the early 1950s. There is no hurry, you have time to stand and stare, if you miss one tram, there will be another along soon. Climb the stairs, take a seat on the top deck and look out over a landscape, much of which has now changed out of all recognition. Enjoy the ride. In Tracks of London's Trams 1949-1952 the author, Robert J Harley helps us to experience what it was like to ride on the trams, and to understand what it was like to work on them during their final years.

Harley’s descriptive text is accompanied by reproductions of newspaper clippings, along with black and white photographs, mainly taken by Don Thompson. The author supplements this with three appendices which feature: a diary kept by Julian Thompson listing tramway works over the period 1949 to 1951; a piece out of the John Bull magazine from 23 September 1950 about the approaching termination of the trams; and finishes with a selection of colour photographs, most of which were taken by C. Carter.

73 black & white and 26 colour photographs, all accompanied with detailed captions. Hardback. 96 pages

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