The Railways of Bradford & Leeds: Their History and Development (Pen & Sword)

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It was to the south-west of Leeds that one of the key lines in the development of Britain’s railway network – the Middleton Railway – established the principle of seeking parliamentary sanction for the construction of a new form of transport. Five decades later in the early nineteenth century it was again the Middleton Railway that was at the forefront of the use of steam, rather than animal power, to move coal from colliery to market.

From the early 1830s through until the early years of the twentieth century the local railway network continued to expand; indeed, if it had not been for the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 the area would have played host to one of the last first-generation main lines to be constructed with the Midland Railway planning and partially constructing a new main line north from Royston. In the event the line was never completed, consigning Bradford to be served by no more than glorified branch lines.

Providing a largely illustrated account to the history of the railway development of the area, the book includes a fascinating selection of illustrations that focus on the evolution of the network in the almost eighty years since the end of the Second World War. Photographs illustrate changes to Bradford and Leeds' railway network, wth informative captions providing plenty of background information.

Chapter List:

  • Introduction
  • Bradford Area
  • The Midlands Lines from Leeds
  • Halifax and the Calder Valley
  • The Heavy Woollen District
  • Leeds Area
  • The North Eastern Lines from Leeds
  • Leeds South and East
  • Engine Sheds
  • Preservation
  • Industry

Hardback. 208 pages.

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