Leeds Transport 1830-1986 (5 Volume Set) (Leeds Transport Historical Society)

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This five-volume work is the definitive historical account of suburban passenger transport on the roads of Leeds from the earliest horse-drawn beginnings in 1830, right through to the privatisation of local bus services in 1986. It is not newly published, the first volume having been published in 1985 and the last in 2011, but it is newly available as complete set from Platform 5 Mail Order.

The story is the culmination of many years of original research by transport historian, Jim Soper, aided by members of the Leeds Transport Historical Society. Every volume covers a specific period of history in close detail and is well illustrated with photographs, diagrams, timetable extracts and other period reproductions.

The five volumes that comprise the set are:

Volume 1: 1830-1902: From the early horse buses to the diverse transport scene existing at the close of the Victorian era. Covers in detail the experimental overhead electric tramway at Roundhay and the electrification of the horse and steam tramway. Gives an insight into how the expanding transport network influenced the social and economic development of Leeds. 252 pages. Published 1985.

Volume 2: 1902-1931: Follows the development of tramways post-Victorian era and through the First World War, up to the death of General Manager, R.L. Horsfield, in 1931. The trackless cars and early motor buses are fully covered. 494 pages. Published 1996.

Volume 3: 1932-1953: The advent of more modern and efficient buses, accompanied by the construction of some huge new council estates on the outskirts of the city, led to great expansion of the bus network. The tramway also saw some modernisation, but post-war austerity led to a procession of second-hand tramcars and the beginning of tramway abandonment. 442 pages. Published 2003.

Volume 4: 1953-1974: Examines the final abandonment of the tramway network and the growth of the Leeds City Transport bus network to its greatest extent. Covers the abortive Park and Ride scheme, introduction of one-man buses, the network of Fastaway services, `See Your City’ tours, and the first minibus services operating through the pedestrianised Leeds shopping centre. 442 pages. Published 2007.

Volume 5: 1974-1986: Discusses the creation of West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and the effect this had on public transport in Leeds. Covers the abortive trolleybus scheme and early proposals for a Supertram network, as well as looking at preserved Leeds City Transport vehicles, both buses and trams. An appendix looks at the early history of turnpikes in the Leeds area and a comprehensive index to all five voumes completes the work. 392 pages. Published 2011.

The five-volume set, Leeds Transport 1830-1986, is comprised of over 2000 pages and is truly the definitive work on the subject.

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