Bradford Trolleybuses: The Later Years and Closure (Key)

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While the future for Bradford's trolleybuses had looked good in 1960, with capital development planned, the fall and final closure of the trolleybuses resulted from management changes, city centre development, major road changes and, finally, a definite close policy. The decline was a slow one, though it was one that gathered momentum towards the final closure.

With over 190 images, this book follows the story from the heyday of the trolleybuses in 1961 to their ultimate end in 1972. It continues the route summary, with start and closure dates, along with the associated fleet losses. Details of the city terminals and the main hubs of Forster Square and Town Hall Square are also provided.

Finally, the book discusses the reasons for closure, what might have been and the proposals for an extended rebodying programme that, unfortunately, was never implemented. Despite their ultimate decline, the Bradford trolleybuses were special, and this book, the second of two volumes, shows why this was. Well-illustrated throughout with colour and black & white photographs. 96 pages

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