The LMS Jubilee Class based in Scotland 1935-1962 (Totem)

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Between 1934 and 1936 the London Midland and Scottish Railway built a total of 191 Jubilee class locomotives, with production taking place at Crewe, Glasgow and Derby. The 50 Jubilees manufactured in Glasgow were built by the North British Company, at both the Hyde Park and Queens Park Works, and were all named after former Commonwealth states and countries of the British Empire. Until 1962 all the Northern Division Jubilees were maintained at the St Rollox Works, Glasgow.

In The LMS Jubilee Class based in Scotland 1935-1962, Stuart Ashworth focuses on the workings of the class north of the border. His interest in the Scottish Jubilees began in 1952 when he saw his first one whilst living in Blackpool. At this time Blackpool Central Shed had seven Jubilees and two of these had been transferred, along with another 13 from other English sheds, when 15 Scottish Jubilees were relocated as part of a scheme to achieve boiler standardisation at St Rollox Works.

Stuart details the work of the class in both LMS and later BR days using technical and factual information. Where possible the Transport Treasury photographs have not been previously published and the images portray examples in good and not so good days, working different types of train, at rest, and undergoing repair. The pictures are generally displayed in one-per-page format and descriptive captions have been created using his personal accounts and observations.

92 black & white photographs. Hardback. 80 pages.

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