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At its peak, the South Wales railway network was one of the most complex in the world. Its primary purpose was to transport coal from source to point of consumption or export via the various docks along the South Wales coast. To this was added the other raw materials necessary for making Iron and ultimately steel, together with the respective products of that industry.

In terms of traffic, engineering enterprise, operating practices and locomotive types, the area boasted an unequalled variety which this book attempts to reflect. Many of the photographs have not been published before and capture an essence of the variety to be found. The captions contain extensive details to supplement the photographic record enabling a more comprehensive appreciation and understanding of the railways and industries of the area.

Even though coal was the predominant source of freight, other traffic, including the more unusual, are also featured. Although of secondary importance in regard to revenue, passenger services were carefully dovetailed into the intensive freight operation and matched any other location’s provision.

After the 1923 Grouping, the Great Western became the major player in South Wales. It absorbed all 15 of the independent companies and further extended its policy of standardisation. Nevertheless, where the smaller companies demonstrated good practices, these were embraced. The L&NW and MR elements became LMSR but still remained far flung tentacles from the parent companies.

This book aims to provide a flavour of what the railways of South Wales had to offer and enlighten the reader as to its major part in the national network. Photographs cover the period from the early years of the 20th century through to the end of steam in the 1960s. Hardback. 144 pages.

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