The Final Years of First Northampton (Amberley)

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In The Final Years of First Northampton author, Matt Cooper, begins with a detailed examination of the changing transport scene in Northampton, which was dominated for many decades by the Corporation owned Northampton Transport.

In August 1993 privatisation took place and in October the same year the council sold Northampton Transport to Grampian Regional Transport. By the end of the 1990s, the merging of GRT and Badgerline Groups resulted in the creation of Firstbus.

The main focus of this book is the final twenty years of the First Group in and around Northampton, looking at the expansion, consolidation and contraction of the group. Northampton Depot closed in September 2013 and, with the network and operating area seeming to be continually changing, a wide range of vehicle types and a variety of liveries were in evidence during this period.

Two network maps follow the informative introduction, then the photographs, featuring a wealth of previously unpublished images, are generally arranged in 2-per-page format.

175 colour photographs. 94 pages.

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