Low-Floor Double-Deckers (Key)

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Low-Floor Double-Deckers is volume 9 in Key’s Britain’s Buses series. Here the author, Gavin Booth, traces the story of the UK’s low-floor double-deck buses, from the first tentative moves to the widespread implementation of this layout. Following on from the introduction of low-floor single-deckers to the UK from 1993, the transformation of double-deckers in the UK began in 1998 and took just under 25 years, resulting in every double-deck bus in normal service becoming a low-floor bus, offering easy access to everyone.

After the introduction, the first chapter looks at developments in double-deck buses over the years and looks at how innovation and development finally resulted in buses that not only had increased seating capacity, but also improved access. The following chapters then look at the buses on a model-by-model basis, illustrated with many unseen colour images. The photographs of the low-floor double-deck buses usually show them as they were when first delivered to their original owners, with their livery unaltered. Chapters also touch on the export market, and look at the move from diesel buses to diesel-electric hybrids, to gas, electric and even hydrogen buses.

Captions accompany the 194 colour and 1 black & white photograph, a cut-away internal bus layout is also included.

195 photographs. 96 pages

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