London's Enviro200 Buses (Amberley)

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The Enviro200 was a new midibus launched by Transbus International in 2003, but was unsuccessful. A relaunch of the model in 2006 turned the model into a success, being purchased by a large number of operators, big and small, not only the UK but around the world.

Designed as a replacement for the ALX200 and Plaxton Pointer models, the Enviro200 soon became a popular choice with all London operators.

In 2014, Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) launched the MMC (Major Model Change) version, which was originally offered alongside the ‘Classic’ model that was eventually dropped in 2015. In 2018, a longer version of the Enviro200 MMC was produced, replacing the Enviro 300 saloon. Like its predecessors, the Enviro200 is available in a variety of lengths to suit the needs of operators.

This book contains a series of recent colour photographs of buses in the Enviro200 family operating around London. Each photograph is accompanied by a caption and an introduction to the type is also included. 96 pages.

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