Demonstration, Trial and Experimental Buses (Amberley)

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When bus and coach manufacturers or bodybuilders brought out a new design, they would usually provide a demonstration vehicle for would-be purchasers to try out before buying. These vehicles would later be sold off after a few years and were sometimes snapped up by small companies that might not have been able to afford the cost of a new vehicle.

Some of the larger companies would buy a small selection of vehicles by different makers to compare in service before deciding on which type to standardise on for mass purchase. Other innovative companies might rebuild existing vehicles in their own workshops in an attempt to improve their performance or extend their life, or to try out new ideas.

This book looks at a variety of demonstration vehicles, on display, in use, and after being sold off, as well as vehicles that were bought experimentally or modified extensively during their service life.

Photographs are presented in two-per-page format and cover the period from the 1960s through to the present day. Each photograph is accompanied by a caption, providing information about the vehicle and operator. 96 pages.

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