Railways of Asia: South Korea and Taiwan (Key)

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Since World War Two, South Korea and Taiwan have expanded their respective railway networks to add modern high-speed and urban metro lines, and in the process have become technological powerhouses. Emerging from three decades of Japanese occupation and the Korean War, the nascent Republic of South Korea had a sizeable railway system already in place.

Later in the century, it tendered for the construction of high-speed lines, which are now in full operation, together with a host of technologically advanced metro and light-rail networks serving the major cities. Taiwan had also seen a long spell of occupation by Japan, which had constructed railways and accompanying infrastructure throughout the island. After World War Two and the ensuing Chinese Civil War, Taiwan became the refuge of the deposed Nationalist government and went on to develop its own high-tech culture.

This included high-speed railways to complement the stopping services built on largely unfavourable, mountainous terrain. With over 180 colour photographs, this book offers a visual record of travels around South Korea and Taiwan, incorporating important historical events and technological developments and enticing visitors from around the world.

Photographs are presented in two-per-page format, with captions accompanying each image. 96 pages.

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