Lost Railways of the World (Pen & Sword)

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An illustrated review of disused railways from all around the globe. Features a remarkable variety of such lines, from scenic mountain-top vistas and remote rural locations to densely populated urban environments.

An informative text records the fortunes of the world’s lost railways and tells the story behind why lines were closed. Contains many quirky and unique tales including the disappearing phantom bridge, a line destroyed by molten lava, another that sank under the sea and one that formerly conveyed giant turtles!

Some of the oldest, largest, longest, most northerly, southerly, expensive, most crooked, steepest, highest, lowest and most notorious lost railways are included. The author also visited remote areas of Argentina and provides more information on the mysterious disappearance of the ex-Lynton & Barnstaple Railway locomotive Lew.

Every country with a significant number of disused railways is featured, from the hottest African desert to the coldest steppes of Russia. The author has compiled his own `top ten’ closed lines, from over 50 years of research that has culminated in the publication of this book.

Contains around 300 colour illustrations, maps and diagrams. Lost Railways of the World is a fascinating and informative source of information, written in a way that highlights the most amazing lost railways in the world. 256 pages. Hardback

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