Steam in South Africa: A Photographic Odyssey (TTP)

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In Steam in South Africa A Photographic Odyssey Ron White has dipped into the overseas photographic collection of Peter Gray and the upshot is a choice selection of photographs which are the result of two trips to South Africa, taken in July 1967 and April 1971. To create a journey across the country Ron White has transposed the two trips, beginning with the visit in 1971 from the Cape to Johannesburg and then continuing onwards with the visit in 1967, when Peter Gray started off in Pretoria and travelled to Empangeni and beyond. Additionally, there are seven more images taken by Peter Gray, six dated as October 1973 and an undated image of 15BR number 1979, and Ron White has augmented the compilation with three photographs taken from the Ron White Collection dated from 1968 and 1969. The 83 colour photographs are mainly displayed in one-per-page format. Hardback. 80 pages.

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