North Western Railway of India (Amberley)

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In North Western Railway of India the author, Alon Siton, uses rare and previously unpublished photos, maps and illustrations to help document the complex story of one of the most fascinating railways of the Indian Empire.

The North Western Railway of India (NWR) was one of British India’s largest railway systems. Created in the 1880s by a merger of several local Indian lines, the NWR was gradually extended and provided civilian passenger trains between Delhi and the rest of the country. As well as scheduled timetables for both passenger and freight trains, the NWR was also key in implementing Britain’s own strategic plans beyond the border – from the North Western Frontier to distant Afghanistan. In 1947, following the end of the British rule in the Indian subcontinent, the NWR was divided between the newly formed independent states of India and Pakistan.

16 illustrations, 8 maps, 37 colour and 69 black & white photographs. 96 pages.

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