Atlas of Railway Station Closures 2nd Edition (Crecy)

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A revised and expanded edition of this useful atlas which shows all standard gauge railway lines built in Britain and the decades in which each line and every station on those lines was closed.

The first part of the atlas consists of a series of 45 maps of the British railway network, on which line closures are colour-coded by decade. The company, BR Region or later organisation owning the station at the time of closure is listed, as well as the last pre-grouping owner. An enhancement to this second edition is the addition of several inset maps to provide greater clarity in areas where the railway network is particularly complex.

The second part of the atlas comprises a complete index and gazetteer of all stations in the atlas, listing closed stations by their name at time of closure and distinguishing those stations that are still in use. Closure dates are listed for every closed station.

Atlas of Railway Station Closures 2nd edition is a comprehensive record that gives a fascinating insight into the history and development of Britain’s railway network. It is often claimed that Dr Beeching was responsible for scrapping the majority of Britain’s rail network, but this volume reveals how closures, replacements, re-alignments and modifications to the network have been taking place from the very earliest days of the railways. 160 pages. Hardback.

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