Belgium's Trams and Trolleybuses (Amberley)

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A collection of over 180 photographs of Belgium’s tram and trolleybus networks from the 1960s to the 2020s.

Like most European countries, Belgium’s main towns and cities developed their own tramway networks. Those systems that survive today include Brussels, Gent, Antwerpen and Charleroi; sadly, both Liège and Verviers lost their tramways in the 1960s. In addition to the city systems, Belgium could boast a rural network of mainly metre gauge tramways throughout the country known as the Vicinal.

Belgium’s Trams and Trolleybuses draws heavily on the photographic archive of Tony Martens, who visited Belgium extensively from the 1960s, photographing most of the surviving operations. Author John Law’s first visit to the country was in 1971, when he captured the last of the Vicinal routes still operating in Brussels and four-wheeled trams on the city streets.

The images, most of which are in colour, are presented in two-per-page format with brief caption detail to accompany each image. A rich variety of tram and trolleybus types are illustrated, including some remarkable ancillary vehicles. 96 pages.

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