EK Special 147: Die DB vor 25 Jahren 1997 - Ausgabe WEST

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The November 2022-released volume in the long-running Eisenbahn Kurier series of publications taking a nostalgic look at the railways of Germany 25 years earlier. This volume examines the railways of the former West Germany in 1997, covering broadly the area operated by Deutsche Bundesbahn immediately prior to German re-unification.

The volume describes and illustrates key events that took place during the year and general changes to both passenger and freight traffic. It features intercity and urban railways, as well as taking a look at locomotive and rolling stock developments during the year.

In 1997, DB AG continued its modernisation programme and saw the introduction to service of new ICE 2 trains and Class 101 electric locomotives for long-distance passenger services. New classes of multiple unit also continued to be delivered, but conversely 1997 saw the end of carrying mail by rail and further declines in freight traffic.

EK Special 147: DB vor 25 Jahren – 1997: Ausgabe West uses a tried and tested formula to review the events in the former DB-operated area of Germany, using high quality colour illustrations throughout. It also includes a full list of all locomotives and multiple units that were new or withdrawn from stock during 1997, and a general overview of important occurrences during the year. German text. 98 pages

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