EK Themen 61: Die DB vor 25 Jahren 1995 - Ausgabe Ost

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Part of the long-running Eisenbahn Kurier series of publications taking a nostalgic look at the railways of Germany 25 years ago. This volume examines the railways of the former East Germany in 1995, covering broadly the area operated by Deutsche Reichsbahn immediately prior to German re-unification.

The volume describes and illustrates key events that took place during the year and general changes to both passenger and freight traffic. It features intercity and urban railways, as well as taking a look at locomotive and rolling stock developments during the year.

1995 was a year of consolidation for the railways in the former DR area, which saw the closure of several unprofitable branch lines. Long-serving Class 228 diesel locomotives reached their official end of service on the routes over the Rennsteig, and the increasing use of modern Class 628 diesel multiple units became evident in many areas.

Converesly, the Berlin S-Bahn was in the midst of an interesting transition period, with modern new EMUs often seen operating alongside much older units from a different era. The various narrow gauge networks in the former East Germany were also beginning a new lease of life at this time.

EK Themen 61: DB vor 25 Jahren – 1995: Auisgabe Ost examines all of these topics and uses high quality illustrations throughout. A list of all locomotives and multiple units that were new or withdrawn from stock during 1995 is included, as well as a full list of all locos in service during the year with depot allocations. A chronology of railway accidents and mishaps during the year is also included. German text. 98 pages

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