German Railways 6th Edition Part 2: Private Operators, Museums and Museum Lines

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A fully revised, updated and expanded guide to the rolling stock of private train operators in Germany. Much has happened in the seven years since the last edition of this book was published and the format of the book has been revised to reflect the changing scene in Germany and to make the book easier to use.

The advent of open-access operators has led to a more interesting railway scene. New passenger operators now provide many local services over specific routes and networks, usually under contract to local authorities. In contrast a multitude of new freight operators can be seen all over the German railway network and beyond, using a broad cross-section of modern and heritage locomotives.

This new edition contains:

  • Profiles of over 320 private train operating companies and 50 leasing companies with operating license details.
  • Detailed fleet lists including European Vehicle Numbers (EVN) and running numbers for every locomotive and multiple unit.
  • An explanation of the European Vehicle Numbering scheme.
  • Updated colour maps of the German railway network.
  • Details of over 240 railway museums and museum lines with operating information, fleet summaries and web addresses.
  • Detailed lists of preserved locomotives & multiple units of German private railways.
  • More than 70 colour photographs.

The fleet lists in German Railways Part 2: Private Operators, Museums and Museum Lines are divided into sections covering each of the following categories of rolling stock currently in the hands of private operators on the railways of Germany:

  • Steam Locomotives (including standard and narrow gauge)
  • Hybrid Locomotives
  • Electric Locomotives
  • Diesel Locomotives
  • Electric Multiple Units
  • Bi-Mode and Hybrid Multiple Units
  • Diesel Multiple Units
  • Narrow Gauge Railcars
  • Narrow Gauge Diesel Locomotives
  • Preserved Locomotives & Multiple Units of Private Railways

The book also includes a substantial appendix of Vehicle Keeper Markings and abbreviations, and a further appendix of locomotive and rolling stock builders.

Compiled by Today's Railways Europe consultants, David Haydock and Brian Garvin. A5 size. 352 pages. Cover Price £32.95.

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