Bahn Extra 3/2022: 175 Jahre Eisenbahn in der Schweiz

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Although the railway age may have begun somewhat later in Switzerland than many of its neighbours, the country's railway achievements since 1847 have carried its reputation around the world.

To celebrate the 175th anniversary of Switzerland’s railways in 2022, this edition of Bahn Extra contains a review of some of the great railway achievements, including the famous routes, pioneering vehicles and some of the great heritage to be found in Switzerland today.

The format consists of a series of short articles, each looking at a particular aspect of Switzerland’s railway history. Every article is accompanied by a selection of high quality illustrations, either archive black & white photographs or more recent colour images, combined with maps, diagrams and other reproductions.

This volume of Bahn Extra also includes a short Bahn Epoche section that looks at a handful of topics in Germany, including a journey through the Ruhr area in 1967, the DR's Baltic resorts traffic and the border station at Ellrich. As an added bonus, it also comes with a free DVD, of 55 minutes running time, looking at freight traffic to the Iron Curtain.

German text. 98 pages.

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