Schnappschusse eines Fahrdienstleiters: ÖBB-Direktion Linz zwischen 1974 und 1986 (B24)

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Herwig Gerstner was born in 1955. His childhood and school days were hugely influenced by the impressive railway station and yards near to where he lived. From his years in the kindergarten at Donawitz, elementary school in Zipf and later school in Vöcklabruck, there was always something spectacular to see on the railway.

After his school days, Herwig embarked on a career with Austrian national railway operator, ÖBB, and after completing his training, began work as a train dispatcher. His professional career took him to the Salzkammergut, to various Westbahn stations, to the main station in Salzburg and finally to the two large stations in Wels for 26 years.

Herwig always carried his camera with him and his position on the railway often allowed him to capture interesting images. A small selection of these forms the content of this volume. As well as interesting everyday scenes to admire, there are several images of rare and unusual workings and traffic to see, from a time when rail operations were exciting and diverse.

The photographs are reproduced in black & white and all are presented in full page format. Detailed captions are provided at the foot of every page. 108 pages with 103 black and white photographs. German text. Hardback.

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