Auf den Spuren von Franz Kraus: Auf Wiener Bahnhofen (Bahnmedien Book 16)

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Franz Kraus (1901-1997) was one of the leading Austrian railway photographers who travelled extensively in the post-war period, recording the railways at the time. During his lifetime he took countless photographs at the many stations serving the Austrian capital, some of the best of which are presented in this album.

The photographs illustrate a representative cross-section of the locomotives and train sets to be found in Vienna. The selection includes steam, electric and diesel locomotives as well as numerous types of railcar. As well as ÖBB vehicles, those of the DR and SD are commonly featured, with MaV, GySEV and DB also making an appearance.

The composition of loco-hauled trains is also of great interest, with veteran carriages from the early years of the 20th century sometimes seen alongside the latest new rolling stock of the era. Foreign carriages that remained in Austria after the end of the Second World War are illustrated, giving the reader something of an insight into the operation of the railway in bygone times.

Auf den Spuren von Franz Kraus: Auf Wiener Bahnhöfen contains high quality black & white images, presented in one-per-page format throughout. The photographs cover the period from immediately after the end of the Second World War up to the 1980s. 144 pages. German text. Hardback.

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